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Since 1991, liberated from the dirigiste lead and economic brakes imposed by the previous socialist government, the Ethiopian agricultural sector, with its continental and tropical climate zones, has boomed, increasing the ability of the Country to be competitive on the international markets.

The export section of MAX EXPORT is organized on European and American standards with its own cleaning plants and analysis laboratories in Addis Ababa, Burayu and Gonder.

No cleaning is outsourced, cleaning purity granted 99 per cent or above.

Commodities stuffed in ten containers of 20 feet can be on shipping vessel in less than two weeks.

Products for Export:

Sesame seed, linseed, niger seed, safflower seed, lentils, chickpeas, white pea beans ,spices, cumin seed ,coriander seed etc.



P.O.BOX 6982



Phones:               +251 112 75 62 62

                          +251 112 75 59 83

                          +251 112 75 49 83

Fax:                     +251 112 75 32 66



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